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bulletJuly 23rd 2003 -- Jaguar Painter Special Edition Release Announcement
bulletAugust 8th 2003 -- Jaguar Painter General Release Announcement

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bulletPainter is reviewed at The Atari Times

Please visit The Atari Times Website at www.ataritimes.com
bulletSome comments about Painter

"First, there is Painter. Two words can describe this game (IMO); totally addictive. I can't stop playing it and my kids love it too. I have played the demo previously with JUGS. But the finished game is polished and sounds great too. The music is truly grand and the sounds definitely hold their own. This game is easily becoming one of my favorite Jag games and with the simply addictive gameplay and great music and sound, it should not be passed up!" 

 Jason "JaguarGod" Frabotta

"One word describes this game: INCREDIBLE !!

Of course, I'm biased because I loved Amidar in the arcade and on the 2600. And when Painter was released for the ST it quickly became one of my 3 favorite games. And now Painter arrives on the Jaguar!! Everything from the scrolling Jagfest intro screen to the music, to the grid designs, to the names of the screens & passwords.... this is one quality piece of work!!! Gordon and Sinister Developments have done an fantastic job on this game.

The grid layouts are very well done and show an incredible amount of creativity. From very simple layouts to grids that seem to fill the entire screen, Painter never fails to test you. And if these regular grids weren't enough, the game throws in grids with invisible boxes!! Just when you think you've cleared a grid, the level doesn't end because you forgot where one of the boxes was placed and now must run around like a madman looking for that invisible box with the enemy closing in on you every second. Gordon is a sadist through and through!!

The way the game progresses is very well done as the increase in difficulty is perfect. The AI on the enemy is incredible and makes you think every second you play.

Every screen has a simple password (and some of them are hilarious) which makes starting up the game from the last screen you played very easy.

The music is very well done and fits right in with gameplay. The applause when you complete a level is a nice addition, as is the voice over that says "The grid will self destruct in 20sec's" or "Game Paused"

Can't say enough good things about this release. Painter is an excellent addition to the Jag library and is a game I'll be playing for a long, long time."




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