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Painter Jaguar CD

** 8th August 2004 **
** Painter Jaguar CD is now SOLD OUT **
** It will return once I complete changes and make it available as an Encrypted CD **
This CD does require that you have a CD Bypass cartridge to load this game. There are currently 3 available options:
1. B&C Bypass Cart: Please visit http://www.myatari.com for more information
2. Songbird Protector Special Edition (features the game Protector + CD Bypass). Please visit http://www.songbird-productions.com
3. Battlesphere Gold (contains Battlesphere Gold + CD Bypass). Please visit http://www.scatologic.com
The above options are listed in ascending price order!

The Painter CD is also available at the following retailers:

Songbird Productions at www.songbird-productions.com

The Atari Age Store at www.atariage.com : Also check out the Jaguar forum at Atari Age, it's the most active place to talk Jaguar these days!

Telegames UK at www.telegames.co.uk or call 0116 288 0445 in the UK.





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